Friday, July 24, 2009

Instant Clicks

When I'm out photographing, after preparing the camera to take pictures (pre-setting exposure, focus, etc.), I find I become hyper-aware of what's going on around me. Scanning the activities to see what might be a worthwhile subject.

Rarely, maybe once a month, a glance in a direction will show a perfectly setup scene. Perfectly composed, perfect mood, perfect expression. Since I'm ready, I can grab it in a second.

Yesterday, I was lucky enough to have two of these instant clicks. These are them:

I was across the street and looked over between cars and saw this. Not only was his pose well positioned, but the neon sign is a really nice element above it. A mood comes through that was all put together.

I was passing by an office building and found her standing like this enjoying a smoke. Almost as if she was a model. The diagonal beam is a nice secondary element. I got one shot and that was it.

1 comment:

Leila said...

I like both pictures. The first (the sat man) is very meaningful. I think that our body send a message to our brain. So, if we have our head down, a sad face, this will be the kind of message that the body will be telling to the brain (like "you're down and sad"). That is why I think that we shouldn't stay in this position because somehow it leads to depression (after long).It is important to keep the head up and a smile in the face, even if we are not ok. In this picture the neon sign is a shoe (probably offering good shoes from my country because Minas is a brazilian state), and the shoe is playing a role in this scene. The shoe seems to be ready to smash the man. This idea fits to my opinion above. The man is in a depressive position AND about to be smashed!

The woman is very fashion. Her clothes, haircut, body, the modern lines of the building, all of this fit together. Probably she would like to get this picture. (If I was you, I would give her my card).