Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Text and Ticket

I noticed this guy's relaxed pose as he sat in the back of the beer truck. He was supported by boxes of imported beer... Xingu Black beer from Brazil, Stella Artois from Belgium, Peroni Italian beer. He was most interested in what he was texting, completely absorbed.

I took a couple of shots, and went on my way, looking for other subjects on his side of the street. When I got to the front of the truck, a policeman was just finishing writing a ticket. He then placed it on the windshield of the illegal parked vehicle. The texter never knew what hit him.

I suspect the texter was not really responsible for the legality of the park (he looked too young to drive). He's probably the muscle who moved the beer. Still, I'm sure he will be held responsible. "What the hell were you doing while I was gone?!!!" Uh.... texting .

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Leila Franca said...

Hi, I can hear the texter saying: "I was in the back!" But I guess he was just experiencing his brand new cell phone, bought with his first pay check in that job.

It is interesting to see the common life in NYC through your pictures. I went there in 2000.Later, in november 2001, i flew over NY going to Boston soon after the attacks. I didn't know i was flying over NY, but the pilot said "look down there, it is wtc ground zero!" I wasn't expecting it, i looked and saw that terrible thing. That was my last view of NYC. So, that is why i like to see the peaceful and nice life there now.