Friday, July 10, 2009


There are those who hate to be photographed. But there are also the attention seeking posers, who want nothing more than to have their picture taken. They dress boldly or provocatively, they know how to position themselves for the best picture. Since I focus on candid shots, I do not like to reward this kind of behavior (unless it's at Disney World).

However, standing at the end of Wall Street, this guy knew how to take advantage of the large number of tourists there. I guess he was making some kind of political statement about the bailouts and he was standing in front of a Brinks armored car. I'm not sure really what the point was. Actually I think the point was to get his picture taken, rather than anything else more meaningful.

So, I took a few of him from the side, so he wouldn't pose for me, but in the end I just couldn't resist letting him turn on the whole personality for me (even though I hate myself for it).

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Leila Franca said...

Hey, don't hate yourself for it. This guy made me remember a kind of crazy man that lived here, in Rio de Janeiro. He named himself as "Profeta Gentileza" (means "Kindness prophet"). He wrote a lot of messages all over the bridges in Rio during years. A huge fire at a circus with a lot of vitims made him crazy. After the fire he left his job and started writing the messages in the walls and bridges of the city. He was a poor and simple man. After his death in 1996, he became famous all over the country. There are books about him. His messages were written in a weird way. Now there are shirts with his messages as a kind of art.
Here a link with a picture of him