Sunday, August 2, 2009


Laughing people... it's as if they have been captured by a spirit. They spasm in delight and are great photographic subjects. There's a reason photographers pose people with smiles. They look good. But, if they are laughing, they make YOU feel good. Here are some laughing shots I gathered. This one is called "You're a Riot!"

These two girls were escaping the rain, but were engaged in a "Laughter Dance".

And, this guy is not laughing, but for some reason he was just so damn happy. He is a superhero. He is "Happyman".

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Leila said...

Hi, John! You got me laughing here! Laughing can be contagious! The "Laughter Dance" is perfect, but I like more the "Happyman". We only be this happy alone at streets when something very special happens. It is not like the women laughing. The women are laughing probably because there was a funny situation, but the man looks like happy.It is difficult to picture these moments. People at streets generally is serious.