Friday, August 7, 2009


I was heading to the steps of Federal Hall overlooking the Stock Exchange building to sit outside and have the lunch I purchased from a street vendor. This is a great place to be outside and people watch the stock brokers, tourists, fashionistos, etc. below on Wall Street.

Federal Hall is a quite historic building. George Washington was inaugurated as first president of the US on the balcony of the original version of this building on the same spot. It is now mostly a museum. As I approached, I walked past the back of the building and saw these guys.

My camera was with me, but I had my hands were full. I thought about whether I wanted to go through the effort to drag it out and get the shot. I walked on. Half a block later, I turned back, thinking about how perfectly they were aligned. The columns, the angle of the steps, the way they were sitting were all so nicely arranged.

I put down my lunch in the middle of the road and started shooting. Since the building is a national monument, it is a frequent target of pictures. I had no problem aiming at the top of the building, then dropping, reframing and snapping these guys undetected.

This was the most interesting. A shot I call, "And It's Only Lunch Time". This guy looks like he's had a hard day.


Leila Franca said...

They are all in the same position, probably feeling the same sensations. They look the same and really tired (ready to take a nap maybe...:). However, the best picture would be one of you. Your lunch in the middle of the road and your camera focusing the building. It would be named "The pic can't wait".

NYC Rhymology said...

Fantastic again, John... Your slice-of-life observations of our fair city are a breath of fresh air!... Hope this rhyme is worthy of that: NYC Rhymology