Sunday, November 1, 2009

Lunch Truck Vanity - So, a lunch truck was parked on Whitehall Street. It was one of those shiny high tech ones. I noticed this guy standing in the street waiting for service at a window. I thought his reflection was kind of cool, especially with half of his face cutoff. So, I started taking some pictures.

It was kind of strange that he was in the street since most people would be waiting on the sidewalk. And, obviously the vendor was spending his time with those on the other side of the truck. So, this guy keeps waiting. I could see he had a suitcase, so he was probably a tourist. Not sure what was up with his double hoody look, especially since it was a warm day. After a while, he started checking himself out in the reflection of the truck.

Finally, the merchant turned around and addressed the guy. Sure looks like he wasn't happy with this guy being on the wrong side of the truck, and the reaction from the tourist looks like he doesn't have a clue and is baffled by the strong reaction.

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