Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Farm's View

When I was a kid, every year we would go up to the summer home my grandparents had in the Catskill mountains in NY. We called it simply, "The Farm". Above is a painting of how it looked in my memory. The Farm was sold long ago after my grandparents passed away, but recently we went back to take a look.

The house has now been greatly modernized primarily as it is now inhabited by a wealthy family. While it still resembles the original building build in the 1800s, it has been enlarged and modernized. Several wings have been added as well as a new barn down the road a bit. This is it now:

The original horse hitching post remains where it always was right in front, looking much like it did in the painting.
What is also unchanged is the look across the street. A magnificent view of a slate wall, field, and distant mountains. I remember the view would change daily based on the weather. The focal point always was a tower built on the primary mountain called Point Lookout. After a while, the tower burned down but the main building was still visible way up on the mountain. Point Lookout remains an Inn and has a view of 5 states. It was fascinating how the view could appear so many different ways.
Our visit came on a rainy foggy day. Sadly, the mountains could not be seen. But, I still had memories and the view here was still gorgeous. I am happy that it has been kept up and improved over the years.

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Leila Franca said...

Nice!What a nice place to spend the summer! You probably had a happy childhood and hold good memories. The artist who painted this picture is also good. I like it. The New York state is very beautiful. I love the New England landscapes mainly during the autunm and winter (i love cold). Did you get to go in the house? Do you know the new owners? I'm curious.