Friday, July 3, 2009

Revolving Door

So... I was intrigued by this chrome revolving door. In particular, I thought the painting behind would provide a colorful contrast to the shiny motion of the door. I positioned myself appropriately, preset my camera and waited for people to come through.

I was looking for someone distinctive to exit. At first, there seemed to be mostly nondescript slobby people. Then, a businessman came by after a while.

I practiced as people walked in and out, timing their locations within the doors, and kept waiting and snapping, then caught these women. While I was focused on the front woman, the second woman's abstract look made the picture a bit more interesting. Sometimes, something you don't think about when shooting becomes the key to a photo.

I was fairly satisfied with this but kept waiting for other subjects, when I saw a man in a blue official-looking suit come towards me. I knew what was coming, he was security for the building. I calmly smiled. He told me not to take pictures of the building. Having studied up on my rights, I know I legally am permitted to take pictures of anything that is in visible sight from the street. I explained to him that this was not illegal. He didn't fight me, but he asked me again to "desist". I had already taken about 20 shots or so, and wasn't looking for an argument. I told him I would stop and put my camera down. He didn't leave. I realize he wouldn't leave until I left. So, I left, as my mission was accomplished.


Leila said...

It's interesting that generally this kind of door is placed inside the building, behind the main door, but this one was placed outside. I wonder what hold it up in the top.

It is a functional element that is also playing a decorative role.

Yes, people don't like of being pictured by strangers even if it is not forbiden. I've had this experience too... I was taking pictures of the colorful trees during the fall and a guy came to ask me why i was picturing his "house"!

NYC Rhymology said...

Love the shot, discovered it via Flickr & blog-posted it for a rhyme at ... hope that's OK with you. It looks like an amazing illustration almost! Best, David (NYCRhymology [at]