Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Parking Flag Man

His job is to act such as honey is to bees, serving as a sentry to attract cars to his employer's parking garage. He stands in the street and waves his flag, like a matador. It's a tougher job now, as part of the street is under construction and there is less traffic. But, his flag continues in constant but slow motion, like the minimal wave of a beauty queen paced for endurance.

He braces himself against the construction barrier, and does the best he can to conserve energy for his hours on the street. Generally unseen and faceless, except for his flag.

1 comment:

Leila said...

What would be the probability for you to picture the parking flag man and a woman dressing a shirt with the exact same color as his flag??? Wow! It is like she is saying "I am an anonymous too!" Sure, you were not there waiting someone dressing the same color as the flag. It was a coincidence! So, i guess you are a lucky photographer! The flag and the lamp hiding his head suggest that his "tool" and the enviroment have stolen his identity. He is not himself anymore. He is that flag.