Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Top 10 of 2009 - As an annual exercise, I go through the pictures I've taken over the course of the year and pick out the 10 that I think are the best. This is highly subjective, of course, but I do take into account reaction to pictures that have been posted. So, there is some external influence. This year was a little tricky as there were really two genres that don't necessarily mix completely.

The first category is what I have typically evaluated - a stylized, nicely composed, striking picture.

The second category is " slice of life" street photography shots, frequently done, in black and white. These may not be beautiful but they capture a moment in time.

Since most of the shots for the year came from the streets of Manhattan (actually all of them), they really do cross over. But, I ended up sticking to my traditional method of selection, I might put the "street photography" scenes in a future post.

I think this may be my best batch in the yearly round up, as compared to 2008, 2007, 2006, and 2005. That's probably because I've been inspired by my relatively new camera.

Here they are presented in sequence as taken over the course of the year. (Click to picture to see it larger). Some of the pictures have been previously discussed in my blog. Clicking (more...) will take you back those entries.

1. Fleeting Figure - The light on this winter day seemed particularly dramatic to me. This AM commute shot was taken on Vesey Street (you can see the name embossed in the sidewalk). I've been told this has a very cinematic feel to it, kind of a "film noir" sense. My daughter, the film student, has a version of this on the wall of her college apartment.

2. Sitting Alone - This was taken in Chase Manhattan Plaza on a cold day. There weren't many people out. I was initially attracted by the light which was highlighting the trees above. This shot seems to me to be rather in the style of the painter, Edward Hopper. Of the batch, this was the only one of the ten pictures that I did a bit of cosmetic Photoshop work on. I removed a second railing on the rear fence that went through the girl's head. (Also, some bird crap specs that were on the awning across the street).

3. Sliver of Light - In this case, again attracted by the light, I parked myself up on a plaza that overlooked this corner. I was intrigued by how the crosswalk was lit up in this narrow path. I spent a lunch time taking about 25 shots of people crossing, and this was my favorite. (More...)

4. Coffee Truck Umbrellas - This was near City Hall and the end shot seems a bit surrealistic to me. The way the umbrellas lined up and the stark coloring, I think, adds drama. (More...)

5. Phone Booth Trio - In this case, I was attracted to the phone booths positioned in front of the blue wall. I waited across the street as people passed. Again, maybe 25 pictures. The three people in alignment is just coincidence. (More...)

6. Revolving Women - This was a "high tech"-looking location to me. The chrome in the revolving door and the bright colors of the painting were interesting. I setup so the painting behind was positioned on the side of the doorway. I took about 30 pictures (this one was my favorite) and then security shooed me away. (More...)

7. Minas Mood - This had no setup, I looked, had my camera ready and immediately shot. I knew the pose was going to be an emotional photo immediately. I've been told by someone in Brazil that Minas is a Brazilian state. (More...)

8. And, It's Only Lunch Time - I was hurrying past these guys on the street, but they caught my eye. I had an internal debate as to whether I wanted to take the time to drag my camera out and take the shot. The composition was so perfect though, that I convinced myself to do it. This picture also classifies in the "Street Photography" category, due to the expression on the guy's face. And, that's why it is titled as it is. (More...)

9. Melrose Place Buddies - I was taking a lot of evening shots in the rain with a high ISO (helps in the dark). I'm not sure what was up with these three but they were enjoying their time in the rain. The bus sign for the tv show Melrose Place kind of adds a nice sub-context to it. Their legs are in perfect alignment.

10. Waiting for a Cab - Another rain shot, which are amongst my favorites. The shine and lights always add dazzle to the pictures. This shot isn't one of my favorites, but is one of my most popular on Flickr, so I'm including it. (More...)

As I said, much more of the background of each picture are contained in the (More...) links. I've got my eye on a new lens and some new types of shots for 2010.

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