Wednesday, September 2, 2009


So, I was about to leave work for the evening and saw the light shining in from the west here. I continued on towards the elevators, then thought I should go back and grab a shot. Took the shot, and as I was taking a second, a co-worker magically appeared (below). With the body in there, it showed the importance of having a focal point in a photograph.

But, then when I started to edit the shot, I mistakenly twisted it a bit too much, adding a tilt to the picture. It kind of intrigued me, and I think the result made it a bit unique and added a little spice.

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Leila Franca said...

The first picture makes me think about those european gothic churches.

The third picture has a "story". I guess it has intrigued you because the man arm is pending, as it stayed like that BECAUSE you tilted the picture (by gravity!). Also, the structure of the building, the columns are inclinated and the ray of light in the floor is drawing almost the same angle.

The man is trying to be "normal" in this not normal world. Actually, everyone tries to be normal because no one really is.