Monday, June 29, 2009

Barber Synchronicity

I was out for lunch and found myself sitting at a counter against a glass window looking out to the street. Across the narrow street was a jewelry store, a newsstand, and then a barber shop. I had a bird's eye view to people watch and observe the activity in the stores while I ate a burrito.
The barber shop in particular was intriguing. It was up a few steps and I could see directly in and watch the chatty barbers at work. I came to notice that the two barbers worked in a synchronous manner. The two worked from behind simultaneously, worked from the side simultaneously. I'm sure they worked together for years and knew each others patterns and moves.

Here they are working from behind:
Here they are working from the side (both patrons don't really looking like they need much of a haircut).

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Leila Franca said...

There is a mystery when a man says that he is going to get a hair cut and there is no hair at all to be cut. Maybe he is just looking for a peaceful half hour sat there feeling the smell of lotions while the barber plays also as psychologist. The noise, stress and all troubles are left outside, dressed as a yellow woman.

It is incredible how you got to picture them in these 2 positions. Once i also noticed a synchronicity while some guys were making sandwiches. It is a kind of dance! I don't know why it made me think of the movie "Modern Times" by Charles Chaplin.