Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Flyover Flew Over

It is Fleet Week in New York City. That's when the Navy hits town with their sailors and battleships. There are boat parades and other events. Scheduled at 11:45am today was a flyover of military F-18 planes which were to head up over the Hudson River at 1000 feet. That's so low that they had multiple announcements to warn the NY public regarding the low flying aircraft.

Since I was well situated on the 32nd floor of a building that looked directly out to the Hudson, I was geared up, excited and ready for the planes to zip by. I pre-set my camera to a fast shutter speed and arrived at the window at 11:40am. I took a shot of a battleship as it went by and waited with a few others for the planes.

One guy said, "You missed it", they went by at 11:35am. He had the air of jocularity and I didn't pay any attention. I saw crowds along the riverfront and on buildings overlooking the water so they would have left if the planes had gone by... obviously.

Well, soon it was noon, and then it was 12:15pm. No planes. Apparently they had passed by already. So much for military precision.

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