Monday, March 2, 2009

Rainy Corner

Rainy Corner
Originally uploaded by John Fraissinet
There are a couple of elements that I find interesting about this picture which makes it one of my new favorites.

Besides, the brightness of the light blue umbrella and the red Don't Walk sign, there is a surrealistic feel to it. I shot it with a slow shutter speed because it was dark, and this added to the blur of the image. But, you can see that the building and signs are sharp, so the motion is from street activity and not camera shake.

I find the "characters" in the picture are also expressive. The main somber woman with the blue umbrella. The elderly couple to the right who have come from shopping (and the rolled up newspaper or something in his back pocket). The center umbrella creates a triad of focal points above those two sets of characters. And, the rush of the figure approaching on the left adds a bit of clutter and dynamic.

When I took the picture, I was attracted to the light blue umbrella. Like most of my pictures, the core was not planned but was discovered after I got to review it.

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