Sunday, August 17, 2008


I was contacted by the Sotheby's auction house in London.

They wanted to buy this picture of the Berlin Wall that they found on my website. They are going to put it in some 20th Century Italian Sale catalogue, which is sent to their clients worldwide.

I'm not quite sure what their intention is, but they will send me a copy of the final book. They said it was for a "comparable".

As it was taken 25 years ago, and they wanted a high quality version of it, I had to go on a scavenger hunt through my old old negatives to find the original. And, I found it within 5 minutes, imagine that.

This shot wasn't really of the wall, it was really showing the space in between the "wall", as there were actually two walls and this gap between.

I had a rather creepy feel when I first approached the wall. But, it was nice that they had a platform constructed to be able to look across from West Berlin, to the East Berlin side. I later did make the trip across and did have a rather creepy day.

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