Monday, December 31, 2007

Best of 2007

There has been a New Year's update on :

----> There are now pictures posted which feature the Top 10 of 2007 .

It was a bit tricky to get down to only 10 pictures, and I actually left a few favorites out that will be featured in upcoming montages. Here's what made the cut. (You can click the photo's name to see the large version):

  1. Flooded Park - A storm brought a deluge that caused the river in the local park to swell and flood. This resulted in mist and trees growing up out of the water creating a surreal mood.
  2. Driving to Manhattan - As I drove from Queens into Manhattan, the sun was going down between two skyscrapers. I grabbed my camera and got the shot while I drove towards the EZ-pass lane.
  3. Pittsburgh Skyscraper - Light from the setting sun turned the Pittsburgh Avila building orange.
  4. Striped Girl - Vertical blinds creating a striped effect on Caroline's face.
  5. Statue Pigeon - A pigeon rests at the base of a statue at the Wall Street location where George Washington was sworn in as first president.
  6. Jersey Garage - Glass brick highlights a parking garage slated for demolition on a rainy day.
  7. Conference Room - A law firm conference room overlooking New York Harbor is set up with many manila folders.
  8. 9/11 Ceremony - A ceremonial international police force attends the 2007 New York City 9/11 remembrance at the World Trade Center site.
  9. Brooklyn Bridge - The lamps of the Brooklyn Bridge create an interesting balance in composition.
  10. Pittsburgh Bridge - The arches of a historical Pittsburgh hotel frame the Roberto Clemente bridge in an evening time exposure.

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