Thursday, September 10, 2009

Street Block

They are preparing for the September 11th memorial services at Zuccotti Park (across from the World Trade Center site) by closing off adjoining Liberty Street. They are securing the area by installing temporary heavy duty concrete blocks. I also noticed that all the garbage cans in the surrounding blocks have been removed.

They are simultaneously beautifying the park by putting in rows and rows of flowers. (Pictures taken with an iPhone).

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Leila said...

It is september, 11 again and as every year since 2001, I stop to think in that terrible day. I think about those people. I feel me sad all day. I still remember the last time i saw the twin towers shining in the morning by the sunlight. I wish that tragedy had not happened.

Closing off the Liberty Street is also a symbolic thing. The freedom has not been the same since everyone has to be on guard.