Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Mad Men

I'm a fan of the AMC program Mad Men. The show takes place in a Madison Avenue ad agency in the 1960s. Madison Avenue, for some reason, had a plethora of advertising agencies located there during this time period (somewhat dispersed now). So, the name "Mad Men" really means "Madison Avenue Men".

I was visiting my dentist who is located on 46th street (and Madison) and emerged to see the Roosevelt Hotel. This hotel has been featured on the show, as the main character has been exiled there by his wife due to indiscretions. It rang a bell and I began shooting some pictures.

This picture is an update of the Mad Men concept with generic business men representing the ad men. The three featured biz guys here are not connected in any way other than being on the same corner (they came at different times).

I wanted to make sure the Madison Avenue street sign was in the picture so it might be cropped a little higher than I might have chosen otherwise.

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